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New Site

Heya people since now there's a lot of stuff @ puppy.b0x.me many more graphics and themes then here I'm thinking of pointing puppy-look domain to it and I'll still leave this site here if there are still links pointing to some particular page on freehostia domain.

Again, everyone, for more puppy stuff go to puppy.b0x.me ;)



Moving to doghouse

Hey pupians, I'm glad you enjoy eyecandy stuff posted here, thanks for visits and I hope you found something for yourself. Anyway, Russel has some issues with his current hosting 'cause it's a shared server and now has more users then before so staff asked Russ to take some big files offline. Instead he is moving site to dedicated server. Some files here are also linked from his site so if you get some broken links in next few days please be patient. Also since I bought some paid hosting too I'll try to slowly move content to new site, wallpapers and other graphics already have own gallery, here's the link: puppy.b0x.me

Cheers, Dejan.
Woof woof! :)


Azenis for Fluxbox

Here's one cool style for fluxbox! I had fun these days playing with this theme, and also made a bit different page for it here on puppy-look



GTK Theme Maker GUI!

Another handy app by trio for creating your own gtk themes! Link: click
He also updated his JWM theme maker to 1.4 with some more options!


JWM Theme Maker GUI!

Listen here yo! Trio just released what all of us were waiting for, a graphical frontend for making your own jwm theme with ease, another cool app of his for modifying your puppy look in couple of minutes! Here's the forum topic: link. Also take a look at his universall all-in-one theme changer here. Good job man, keep rocking!

It's a Superpup against Micro-Shaft!

Again guys from puppy community proved their creativity and made some awesome funny images, also there's a thread where you can vote for having Superpup wallpaper as default in next puppy release 4.3: clickie here
Superpup microshaft

Pupians helping puppylook!

Few days ago I received email from one of puppy forum members with compliments about http://puppy-look.tk and offering me some space on his website for storing files so we have more space/bandwidth for all eyecandy stuff. You gotta love that puppy community with all it’s creativity and team work and helping each others! Thanks Russoodle for space on your little “hideout”


GTK Themes added

GTK pages are not empty anymore! All themes posted on forum thread are now here too. ;)


Wet Puppy Wallpaper

Hey ppl, I found this site today where you can easily put together your puppy wallpaper with water reflection effect, it's kinda fun, there was a forum topic mentioning it but it was like year since last post. Anyway, here's adress:
Click to create your own wet wallpaper :)

Forum topic here


Exceeded already :(

It seems that my bandwidth on fileden account already exceeded for this month if it's not some other error, so you won't be able to download some of files that are linked there for next ten days or so (wallpapers are hosted on flickr so you can still browse them) I blame that amarok sfs I uploaded there LOL stupid me :P

P.S. It turns out that wasn't in question, I have 500 MB until next bandwidth reset, so it was some other problem.

How much wallpapers do you need?

I added more wallpapers today, we have 71 total wallpaper (plus couple of puppymartins are in different resolutions) so I think that's a proof of how many puppy can inspire users and how much fun it is, all of those wallpapers are from our forum members or pupified mods. I also added Steve's mplayer skin, I don't know if you noticed this thread he opened, try making your skin too, don't let him be the only one :D


So many colors, so many tastes...

Hey people, I've been playing a bit with site apereance,
please tell me if you consider earlier look better,
I kinda like it this way for now...


"Gimme some cool icons. I want'em all!"

Added some more icons, I think I posted all from icons thread from forum, if Steve keep packing'em with this speed will have them more then wallpapers :) I hope you like this Steve! And all of you pupians enjoy!


"Bling, Bling, Bling!"

Populated iconsets page, added some more walls, now we have 50 of them in collection, placed links to Pizzasgood's and ttuuxxx's wallpapers so you can browse even more if you can't get them enough, added little info about myself on webmaster page. Thanks for your comments either here or at puppy forum, I'm really glad you like this site, thanks to all theme, wallpapers and other creators who supply content for this pages, just keep rockin' and rollin' and make some good stuff for our little distro. ;)


"Pimp Your Pup :D"

31.03.2009. Project started, demo page set, now we're good to go!

Hey there pupusers! :)
I'm just an ordinary puppy user wanting to make easier for other
pupians and noobs to find some eyecandy content for their pups.
This is just a start/demo page, u can barrely call it a website,
I'll be doing this in my free time, but will try to load it with stuff as soon as possible.
Currently have some wallpapes (see "pupwalls" from menu) and a jwm theme

You have some puppy-related stuff of yours that you want to be shown here?
What u can do if you want to help?

Well, first, notice that this website is running on free host
so I link most of stuff like wallpapers and themes from other free services like flickr, fileden and similar
If you have some wallpapers to be shown here, please upload it on some free file hosting storage,
and I'll link it on my pages
You can send me link for it to:
daysleeper555 [AT] gmail.com
Graphics by GIMP

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